The Stacey Ziccardi Scholarship

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Stacey Ziccardi grew up in the Argo community and was an Argo Alumna, but so much more. She was a pillar of strength, consistency, and trust within the school community and in her English classroom. She was the dedicated president of the Argo Higher Education Foundation, which under her leadership has provided thousands of dollars in scholarships to Argo graduates. She poured her heart and soul into the school and the students and was a constant ray of positivity, who believed in every student she encountered. It is with great sadness that the foundation remembers and honors Stacey. She will be missed by many in our community.

The Stacey Ziccardi Scholarship committee pulls from the Foundation Scholarship applicant pool. They recognize students for their commitment to school and community, and are fond of second chances, just like Mrs. Ziccardi.

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